Happy #FitnessFriday!

Rise and shine it’s #FitnessFriday!

A beautiful weekend hike along trails at Cabrillo National Monument!

 Although the weekend is approaching, don’t give up on your goals! Sometimes we have a bad habit of working really hard during the week and then slacking waaaayyyy off on the weekends (I am guilty of this too!). Maybe your idea of a weekend workout looks something like this:


And trust me, I get it. You’ve had a long work week and working out is the last thing you want to think about. When 5 o’clock rolls around on Friday evenings all I want to do is go straight home, have a bottle of wine and a whole pizza to myself and binge-watch Netflix all night. Don’t get me wrong, it’s OK if this happens once in awhile. We are human after all. But don’t use the weekend as an excuse to be lazy or “give up.”

So maybe you DO decide to indulge tonight – catch happy hour with your co-workers or try out that new burger joint around the corner- BUT instead of sleeping in until noon tomorrow morning, wake up a 9am… go for a walk on the beach… check out your local farmer’s market…finally take that hike you’ve been reading about. DO SOMETHING. Make time for YOU and make it count!

By no means should you skip that desperately needed mid-day nap this weekend or cancel Sunday brunch with your besties, but make time to get out there and be active! If you’re fresh out of ideas or motivation, check out this article from BuzzFeed (one of my favorite go-to sites!) for two awesome workouts that you can do in between your action packed plans 😉


Whatever you do, have a happy, healthy weekend! And of course, I will be updating you on my #FitnessFriday plans and the rest of this weekend’s adventures  ♥

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